Cheap Wedding Photography in Boise Idaho

The average price for a well-trained wedding photographer in the Boise area for 4 hours of coverage starts at $1200.

In other parts of the country this is considered really low. In California for instance, a wedding photography package starts at $5000 and can go up to $25,000. Yes, that is only for wedding photography and nothing else.

Your next statement will probably be, there are a lot of photographers who are doing weddings for $400 or less. I saw them on craigslist and some websites I visited. There are so many of these photographers in the Treasure Valley area that it is saturated with them. There are few reasons why they are so inexpensive.

1)      No overhead and not carrying any liability insurance
2)      Very little training and new to photography
3)      Been told by friends their pictures of their kids are awesome and should become a photographer
4)      No marketing plan or business plan in place
5)      Building a portfolio
6)      Basic camera gear

There is nothing wrong with a photographer trying to build their portfolio but do you want to trust your photos to someone who is just learning? Your wedding photos are the only thing you will have besides your love from that special day.

Professional photographer spent countless hours at workshops learning their craft and thousands of dollars in upgrading their camera gear and computers. This is just like bringing your car to the mechanic and you always have a huge bill afterwards. Parts are usually miniscule but the labor for their mechanics knowledge of how to fix and diagnose cars is what the bulk of the bill is. Same goes for photographers, you are paying for our expertise in delivering stunning images of your wedding and to capture your images with professional gear.

I urge you that when you are looking to hire a photographer that you make budget the second requirement and not the first. Look at their portfolio and make sure you like their style and how they create their art. When you meet up with your photographer make sure they bring their albums from other weddings they have done. Recently we had a rash of new photographer stealing photos from various websites and using them on their own sites and passing off the work as theirs. Here are some questions you should ask your photographer.

1)      How many wedding have your photographed?
2)      Can you shoot in low light or are you a natural light photographer only?
3)      Do you have extra lighting as our reception will be dark?
4)      Do you carry backup equipment? (very important)
5)      Can you take photos during all weather conditions?

All of the above answers should be yes except for #1 which they should be able to show you a good variety of weddings they have done in their portfolios.  Beware of portfolios with the same wedding party used through out the album.  If they say they are natural light wedding photographer you might want to be wary as this usually means they lack the ability to shoot in low light or do not have the proper equipment or knowledge to shoot in all lighting conditions and can only shoot during certain times of the day.

I personally am in several private forums on Facebook and I see the horror stories between brides and new wedding photographers on a daily basis and the most common answers the pros give to these people is they should have heeded their warning in the first place and turned the job down as their skills were not up to par to shoot a wedding since there are no reshoots in wedding photography. This is the main reason for me writing them is to educate Bride and Grooms that cheaper isn’t always the better and in wedding photography you do get what you pay for.

I hope this article was helpful and if you are destination bride or a local Boise area bride. Take some time and look over our portfolio at and take us up on our free consultation to discuss the photography for your wedding.  I have also co-authored a book that was written for brides and how to hire your wedding photographer and what questions to ask.  This is the amazon link to Wedding Photography – The Questions You Need To Ask: As Seen Through The Lens Of Industry Professionals.

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